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Karmalot Terms of service

Welcome to Karmalot Grid
This virtual environment is subject to the following terms of use

We at Karmalot do not store any personal infomation only
your inworld avatars name, inventory and uuid of your Avatar

Backups are done daily of the databases but loss of data happens some times
We do our best to Prevent data loss

The type of information we cannot protect

Entering any personal information into our inworld chat tools,
social media posts, or forum discussions.
This includes public, private, and group messages with others.
Entering private information into your in world profile
Voice chat comments made by you while using our voice chat tools
Private information you may enter into any in world scripted object

Your avatar name, uuid, and our grid login url when you visit another virtual worlds.

Email when setting up an accout is
Optional and not needed for your account to allow you to log in to Karmalot Grid

IF you forget your password use the contacts page and let us know

All trademarks are copyright of their respective owners
;Design © Karmalot ;2013

This site was last modified on 4 sep 2018

   karmalot Grid

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